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Christine Roberts-Kelly

Intention Enterprises, LLC

We are proud to spotlight chamber member Christine Roberts-KellyOwner of Intention Enterprises, LLC.

As an Entrepreneur, Christine founded Intention Enterprises LLC, a business services company that looks to support small to medium size organizations from inception to sustainable growth. Intention Enterprises provides services that make its clients more efficient, more effective, and more profitable while helping them reclaim time! 

I believe we are called to abundance in this life so we can bless others, so I’m here to help create that. I intentionally do this through positively impacting people, hard work, the power of education, problem-solving, goal setting, improving processes, increasing efficiency, fostering sustainability, and YES increasing PROFITS! 

How have you and your career benefitted from being a member of the Black Chamber?

As a member of the Black Chamber of Commerce, I have benefited from networking opportunities and connections within the business community. It has led to new business partnerships, potential clients, and exposure to new ideas and knowledge. The Black Chamber of Commerce has provided tools and resources, such as educational access to financing and coaching.

Any tips or advice for new members?

A few tips I can offer to new members to help them get off to a great start: Introduce yourself, Attend meetings, Take on responsibilities or get involved, Be open-minded, and HAVE FUN!

What do you like most about being a member?

They have provided opportunities to learn new skills and engage in the business community.

Who/what inspires you?

My grandmothers, mother, aunt, and cousin are all amazing women who have inspired me in unique ways. My grandmothers’ life experiences and wisdom have shown me the importance of perseverance, my mother’s selflessness and dedication have taught me compassion and strength, my cousin’s independent spirit has inspired me to explore my own passions, and my aunt’s courage has reminded me to never give up on my dreams. I am grateful to have such powerful female role models in my life.

What has been your biggest professional achievement?

After 20 years in business and a few degrees; without a second thought my biggest professional achievement has been to start and work full-time in my own company. Even in the face of fear, uncertainty, and naysayers stepping out of my comfort zone and betting on myself will always be at the top of my achievement list.