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Cassandra Oliver

KWA Group Branding

We are proud to spotlight chamber member Cassandra OliverOwner of KWA Group Branding

Cassandra is an excellent professional with 20+ years in Education, Financial Investments, and Operations. This proud Haitian American has risen to the top of her career fields in each of her pursuits. In 2000, she was credited as the youngest Investment Broker in her firm; in 2014 she received the Distinguished Principal Leadership Award; and in 2023 the Legacy MIA Magazine’s Most Influential Black Women in Business award. Currently serving as Founder and Chief Operating Officer at K.W.A. Group, LLC., Cassandra is known for creating policies and procedures that bring efficiencies and productivity to the professional environment.

How have you and your career benefitted from being a member of the Black Chamber?

As a member, we have seen our visibility to the community grow exponentially. We enjoy super-serving our communities, and that vision is in line with the Black Chamber of Commerce – and it shows in their events & programming.

Any tips or advice for new members?

Get involved with the Black Chamber to increase your visibility. Join committees, attend events, and share your wonderful business with our communities!

What do you like most about being a member?

The Black Chamber of Commerce’s desire to support the businesses in our communities.

Who/what inspires you?

My daughter Brianna inspires me the most because I know she is watching me, questioning me, and holding me accountable as her role model for the woman she desires to become. That reminds me every day of my responsibility to learn, grow, achieve, and succeed in the areas of my life, especially if I desire for her to experience those things in her life.

What has been your biggest professional achievement?

My biggest professional achievement is being able to utilize and pivot my educational and professional experiences into whatever venture I undertake, with the realization of translating these experiences into success.