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Community Rating System and Local Mitigation Strategy 2022 Progress Report on Floodplain Management Activities Released

May 15, 2023

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On April 26, 2023, the Palm Beach County Division of Emergency Management’s Community Rating System (CRS) and Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) programs released the progress report, “Floodplain Management Plan Activity 510 Report CY 2022.” This is an annual report summarizing activities that were undertaken by stakeholders during the year to further the cause of flood mitigation.

The public is invited to participate in both CRS and LMS meetings and is encouraged to read the report to learn more about the actions being taken within Palm Beach County to reduce flooding impacts as well as the impacts of other hazards.

The report is available online on the CRS and LMS pages that are accessible from the Public Safety Department’s Division of Emergency Management’s main webpage at