Ambassador Program

The Black Chamber of Commerce of Palm Beach County (BCCPBC) Ambassador Program is a selected committee appointed by the board of directors of BCCPBC. This exclusive public relations committee of Ambassadors performs many important assignments for the BCCPBC. The main objective of the Ambassadors is to help recruit and retain members, supporting the BCCPBC in meeting their membership goals for the year. Current BCCPBC members must complete an application to be considered for the Ambassador committee and complete the Ambassador Mentorship Program.

Please note, the Ambassador Program Committee is limited to 10 members.

Benefits Ambassador Program:

Each Ambassador committee member will receive training intended to ensure that they understand the requirements, and their role within the BCCPBC membership.

Each Ambassador will receive the following benefits:

  • Membership discount for participation within the Ambassador Program
  • Training will provide the skill set to serve on a board (no guarantee, participation will lead to serving on the BCCPBC Board Of Directors).
  • Each Ambassador will receive a certificate
  • Recognition at certain key events by BCCPBC President – showing appreciation
  • Receive a BCCPBC Ambassador Pin

For more information on the Ambassador Program contact BCCPBC at or leave a message at (561) 282-9657.

Welcome New Members

Select Ambassador members will make follow-up phone calls to new BCCPBC members, where they ask how their experience is going and suggest ideas as to which of the many benefits of BCCPBC membership will be most effective for them.

Event Support

BCCPBC Ambassadors will be prominent at events, identified by a special name tag. You’ll find them welcoming attendees, making sure everyone is comfortable, and establishing the desired contacts.

Ribbon-Cutting Ceremonies

Ambassadors are to assist with the setup (position of photograph) and the Ambassadors will appear in Ribbon-Cutting photos, tour the host member facilities, and spread the word about the host company


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